At the end of 2015, Natascha Schreiegg acquired the worldwide exclusive rights for Mesh Gold and Silver from Leu Locati and founded her company “NASCH”.
She says about her products: “NASCH was born out of my passion for uniqueness, which is reflected in all our products. A bag is a permanent, trustworthy companion through life, and therefore deserves much love and attention to detail.
In the past, Mesh was almost exclusively reserved for the Royal Houses. Today, you can have a piece of royal life by purchasing a NASCH bag and become a part of the NASCH Family.

Whilst working for no Branding studio I was asked to start brainstorming and ideating concepts for both a new range of Nasch bags and accessories whilst also photoshopping new designs for an exciting new collaboration with Paris Saint Germain football club.

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