Jubel Beer, a brand born out of jubilation, the joy of tasting new things and the will and want to bring that experience and fine taste back to the U.K. At the heart of Jubel lay their strong belief in sustainable business, fun, exploration and off piste living. 
Punk, Surfing and Skateboarders. What do they have in common? They were niche outliers who banded together to enjoy something they felt was so important that they created their own communities, political beliefs and movements and subcultures that still rock the world today and continue to inspire. Through reading  the works of Glen E. Friedman's 'MY RULES' and Teal Trigg's 'FANZINES: The DIY Revolution' and touching upon Jubel's need to be refreshing yet sustainable I devised the below designs. 
Each of the products and POS items shown can be manufactured ethically and are built to last. The beer mats are from recycled paper and card stocks. the glass beer tankard and bottles, from Reclaimed and recycled glass and pint glasses themselves are  not only built to last but can also be recycled. 
With the idea of 'ripping' or carving at the core of skiing, surfing, skating and punk zine designs I figured that taking the core elements of Jubel's three most popular beer flavours and slapping them, sticker style and cut onto grainy, textured paper would allow for the DIY feel, and forward thinking ethos of Jubel. 
As they say, the proof is in the pudding. 
Please enjoy Jubel socially and high five the dude next to you (once Covid is over...)

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